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A Chance Meeting

In 2006, on sabbatical from her 15-year career in the recruiting industry, SightWise founder Katherine Rotolo stumbled upon a jewelry stall at London’s famed Portobello Road Market searching for a keepsake. What she ended up buying was a revelation—wrapped neatly in a beautifully rendered Craftsman-era pendant.

The piece’s rounded form, intersecting lines, and turquoise color were unique. Captivating. And soon became a focal point in Rotolo’s mind as she formed the foundations for her next business venture and chose its logo. Today, the nearly 150-year old form not only hangs around Rotolo’s neck, but adorns SightWise Solutions’ public face. Business cards. This site. And, importantly, the company’s fundamental principles.

Simply, the SightWise logo (and Rotolo’s pendant) are a symbol—a reminder of an era where creativity and a fundamental reverence for natural processes ruled, soulless mass-production was reviled, and simplicity was the word of the day.

With these essentials in mind, Rotolo set out to form a company in the
Craftsman Image—solid, uniquely creative, and built to withstand the test of time. Today, with the help of like-minded partners, Katherine’s vision is a living, breathing entity dedicated to combining the talent of the individual craftsman with proven methods to create personal, yet affordable, and valuable recruiting services to clients.


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