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A Meeting of the Minds

Think of us as Master Craftsmen.

Using the most relevant tools of the trade to inspire efficiency, but then leveraging the power of personal connection to deepen the impact of his or her work, the master craftsman melds the best of both worlds—technology and insightful experience—to turn raw materials into something truly special.

We do the same at SightWise Solutions.

We take full advantage of technology to reduce the tedium of recruiting’s repetitive, field-narrowing tasks, but then come full-circle, utilizing our decades of experience to deeply examine each candidate individually—ensuring their fit within your company’s environment. It’s immersive consulting, and it works like this:

  • First, we study you—uncovering how good employees become successful employees in your environment.

  • Next, we study your needs—conducting a formal analysis to understand the available position, and how filling it with the right person could solve a myriad of problems.

  • Finally, we study your candidates—understanding their behavioral characteristics, experience level and other attributes. Making sure you’ve truly “met your match.”

This is the way of the craftsman: taking time, taking care, and, for us, taking control of the recruiting process. This is the way we take care of your business